Decision making process

How do we take decisions together?

Our default decision making process is ”advice seeking” as described in the book ”Reinventing Organizations”.

We get feedback from people who will be the most impacted and from “experts” (people who have relevant experience) and then we take an informed decision. We trust you by default. We know that we all want the best for the movement.

Gender balance: at least one woman and one man should be involved in non trivial decisions. When we are convening meetings, we do our best to ensure gender balance and equal time to speak.

Under time constrains

We don’t always have the time to gather feedback (typically when we get closer to an action). In that case, it’s not enough to share on basecamp or elsewhere and expect that the right people will have the time and respond within the hour. In those situations, we invite you to check with at least another rebel (with experience and/or impacted by the decision) of another gender to ensure gender balance (text them on Signal or call them if urgent).


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