Setting up a local group

IT Checklist

  • You have a email address for your local group (eg. [email protected])
  • Rebels can select your local group when they join XR Belgium on
  • You have access to the Rebels Manager app, where you can manage your rebels database
  • You have access to Mailtrain, the emailing app, so that you can start sending emailings to your local rebels
  • You have sufficient access rights on the XRB Base to manage a subcategory for your local group
  • You can write files on a dedicated Google Drive folder
  • We have created a Google Calendar for your local group and you can add events
Please get in touch with [email protected] and provide:
  • your local group name
  • your local group email address
  • your username on XRB Base
  • a Google account (eg. [email protected]), for Drive/Calendar purpose