Donor Due Diligence

Due Diligence principles for XR Belgium when fundraising

Why do we need this?

As a movement we are decentralised and autonomous in our actions, bound together by guiding principles. Our fundraising should, wherever possible, aim to strengthen these principles and enshrine them in our actions and future activities of our funders.

We have a shared vision of change

We will actively speak to all potential funders about why they are interested in giving support to XR. We want to build relationships with funders who share our vision for change. This means we won’t accept money from funders which contradict our theory of change, including fossil fuel companies, pharmaceutical companies, mainstream banks, private equity firms, hedge funds, agri-bussiness companies, registered lobbyists, and political parties. See below for the due diligence process within Extinction Rebelion Belgium when fundraising.

We set our mission on what is necessary

XR works to get 3.5% of the population mobilised to achieve system change. We want to seek funding from individuals, companies, and institutions which support active participation of citizens in grassroots democracy for climate action, in particular through non-violent direct action (NVDA) and/or citizens’ assemblies.

We need a regenerative culture

While we want funding that can support our direct actions, we will actively look for funding to support our efforts in building resilient communities and a regenerative culture within our movement and society as a whole.

We openly challenge ourselves and our toxic system

We want funders who reflect our values, are willing to recognise their role in the system and are willing to change if required. We will have discussions with funders whose money has come from destructive practices, but we won’t take contributions from funders who aren’t ready to change exploitative practices that reinforce environmental and social destruction or inequality.

We value reflecting and learning

As a horizontal movement engaged in furthering self-organising systems and alternative structures to the paradigms of our current society we are interested to engage funders who share our vision of new societal structures. We will actively seek out funders who are interested in mutual learning and exchange of knowledge and experience.

We welcome everyone and every part of everyone

We are an entirely inclusive movement and community and recognise our responsibility to build our movement’s inclusivity every step of our collective journey. We will actively pursue funders who want to support increased diversity and access to XR and the work we do. We won’t take money from funders who do not support these principles or who want to work with only a particular segment of our movement.

We actively mitigate power

XR works to break down hierarchies of power for more equitable participation. We won’t take money from funders whose current activities work against the active participation of all peoples in society and decision-making for our future.

We avoid blaming and shaming

As individuals we need to recognise that some of our own activities contribute to the ecological rift between ourselves and the alternative vision we are working towards. Singling out people for blame is not aligned with our understanding of the systemic problems that we face and must tackle together. We won’t take money from funders who want XR to target individuals above a systemic view of change.

We are a non-violent network

Our DNA as a movement is based on non-violent direct action. We won’t accept money from funders who promote violent activities or who wish to push XR towards compromising its core principles of NVDA for alternative approaches to change.

We are based on autonomy and decentralisation

Our movement is founded on the subsidiarity of power of decision-making. We won’t take money from funders who want to instil hierarchies in our movement or exert direct influence and control over our activities.

Due diligence process to monitor our income and ensure its consistent with the principles outlined above:

  • Donations as of 1000 euros (whether as a lump sum or in the form of several payments) from the same donor (person or legal entity) shall be reviewed and approved or rejected by the board of trustees.

  • Potential funders which are not mentioned in paragraph 1, yet could be construed as contradicting any of the principles mentioned above, shall be reviewed and approved or rejected by the board of trustees.

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